Medical Emergency

LIFE Charitable Trust works towards enhancing healthcare in India, while offering easy access to affordable and quality medical treatments to the needy. The Foundation’s ultimate aim is to provide the underprivileged children access to the top-notch health facilities. LIFE’s healthcare model is designed to benefit the children belonging to the most vulnerable sections of society with continuum of care.

We strive towards a fair and sustainable development of the society. All our medical support actions are driven towards the better health for poor and less privileged children. LIFE believes in protecting the future of India by improving the lives of little ones through its medical emergency services.

How does it work?

LIFE supports to all the poverty-stricken children who have no access to proper medical facilities due to unaffordability of their parents. The underprivileged can’t afford even the basic cost of hospital let alone bearing the cost of high-end treatments offered for ingrained illnesses and Cancer. Our efforts are aimed at giving a healthy life to the children suffering from severe diseases. We protect them from encountering the face of death that may occur (rather usually occurs) as a consequence of illness.

Our Charitable Trust interacts with various medical departments of its partner hospitals to endorse medical emergency treatment for the children belonging to underprivileged families.  In addition, we regularly track down updates on the treatments given to the children.

There are a huge number of underprivileged children who suffer from constant anxiety and pain developed because of deadly diseases like Cancer. It is nearly impossible for them to access the much needed treatment. In an effort to provide a solution for such issues, LIFE Charitable Trust also raises funds through Media Advertisements and Online Fund Raising Campaigns.